Our Vision

Engaged and empowered ethnic and diaspora communities, a sense in everyone of belonging to the community.

Equality of access to mental and physical health, wellness and social care services for ethnic and diaspora communities.

Equality of access to education provision for ethnic and diaspora communities living and working in our area.

Equality of access to employment and economic opportunities for ethnic and diaspora communities living and working in our area.

The celebration of the unique cultural identity of all the ethnic and diaspora communities.

Long-lasting trust and confidence between the majority communities and the ethnic and diaspora communities.

Long-lasting trust and confidence between statutory agencies and public services and the ethnic and diaspora communities.

Unconscious bias no longer influencing policymakers and those on the front line of delivering public services.


Does our vision match yours?
Join our community and together, let’s make it happen.




Director and CEO

Alice has amassed extensive insights in health, social care and voluntary sector with achievements that has had excellent result related outcomes. Her strong knowledge in aspects of people and change management including human engineering, information governance, budget management, branding, business development, trauma & crisis management, research & development.

Alice has developed and outstanding track record recruiting and training staff, effectively managing personnel development and leading teams to consistently deliver peak performance.

Unique skills – information governance, engagement and organisational ability, patient safety, learning & development and investigative skills with research and root cause analysis


Marketing & Development Director

A global corporate events and operations senior executive, leading strategic developments to achieve organisation’s goals. Passionate about bringing products to life through Face to Face experiences and technology.

I advocate cross-functional leadership with 20 years’ experience in creating and directing global marketing strategies within the software technology and public sectors. Self-motivated and creative thinker with deep expertise in developing projects with attention to details.


Chair and Finance Director

With a solid commercial background in private and public sector industrial companies, including both operational and strategic management at board level.

Having had a long and successful career as a local councillor at parish, town, and district councils, including periods as Council Leader, Council Chairman, and Town Mayor.

As Chair of Trustees Julian has lead the successful expansion and strategic development of one of the largest independent charities in West Berkshire, and has initiated and led two significant community projects, both of which are now thriving


We support inclusivity and equality.
We reject segregation, bigotry, violence, victimisation and extremism.

No matter who you are and what you do to live, thrive and survive, there are still some things that make us all the same

The Blues Brothers, 1980
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