Maternity information in Dari and Pashto

Community United is delighted to be able to share a newly-launched maternity resource.

In collaboration with Papillon Translations and Surrey Heartlands’ Local Maternity and Neonatal System, NHS South East has launched this fantastic maternity resource to support our Afghan families through pregnancy, labour, birth and the early days with their new baby.

Using current information on the NHS website, the leaflets and the app provide both written and audio information in Dari and Pashto, as well as English.

We know that women from minority ethnic groups, refugees, asylum seekers and those whose first language is not English are at greater risk of poorer maternity and neonatal outcomes.

Community United is supporting all the hard work across our region to reduce these health inequalities, making birth safer and more personalised.

These resources are designed to support discussions between women and their healthcare professionals, facilitated by a suitable interpreter, to help them make informed choices about their maternity care.

Papillon Translations App

To access the information as either a document for reading or an audio file for listening to, download the Papillon Translations app for your smartphone from Google Play or Apple Store:

Google Play / Android

Apple / iOS

Then scan a QR code from the PDF documents below.

The information will be displayed on your phone’s screen, or played to you on your phone’s speaker or headphones.

PDF Documents

The resources can also be downloaded as PDF documents – click a link below:


Is this helpful? Is the translation service easy to use?

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