One Community Cricket and Family Fun Day

The Community United One Community Cricket and Family Fun Day is taking place on 5th September 2021 at Falkland Cricket Club’s Wilson Carlisle Ground in Newbury.

There are six teams playing in the cricket competition on the day:

  • West Berkshire Muslim Centre
  • West Berkshire Indian Community
  • Christians Together in Newbury Area (CTNA)urches Together
  • West Berkshire Council
  • Thames Valley Police West Berkshire
  • Charity and Voluntary Sector team

We are very grateful to the Berkshire Cricket Foundation for their help and support.

Berkshire Youth will be providing entertainment and activities for young people, and Kennet Radio will be providing a musical backdrop to the day.

Diversity of food will be served with respect to culture and religion.

Come along and celebrate the diversity of West Berkshire’s community through sport, food, and music. 

The entrance to the event site is here:

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