We will grow and deepen our network of links with ethnic and diaspora communities across the area we serve.

We will identify “community champions” to act as a conduit for communications on both individual and community issues.

We will grow our online presence (website, social media), focussing on information relevant to ethnic and diaspora communities in our area.

We will reach out to community leaders and representatives in all of these communities to ensure their community needs are being met, identify any ways in which their community’s needs are not being met, and advocate on behalf of the communities to the statutory agencies and public services organisations that serve our area.

We will set up and run a community café.

We will organise and attend cultural and social events.

We will grow our We will set up and run training programmes for policymakers, managers, and front-line staff in statutory agencies and services covering areas such as recognising and overcoming discrimination and unconscious bias personally and in others.

We will set up and run community training programmes covering areas such as mental health.


Join us and be part of our amazing and diverse community

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